Friday, January 9, 2009

Amazon releases web based console for EC2

Today Amazon released EC2 management console. It looks very easy to use and will make
maintaining EC2 instance much more easier.


raheel said...

I am going through your article right now on I have developed a .NET web service and trying to test with Java client.As you specified, you are using Apache Axis to develop your Java client so I have already installed java client now and in the phase of generating client stubs through WSDL2Java. But, I have no clue where to find that file and how to configure Axis to make it work.
Really appreciate your help.

fahadaz said...

There are two Apache Axis projects. On the original Apache Axis project there is not new development. If you are using Apache Axis 2 project here is a link which provides detailed install instructions

And following url gives an example of how to use Apache Axis 2

Hope this helps
- Fahad