Sunday, September 7, 2008

Improve response time

-         View State

o       Reduce the use of view state as much as possible.

o       If need to store objects in view state consider using type convertors.

o       Move view state to the bottom of the page.

o   Compress View State.

-         Java Script and CSS

o       Try to use ToolkitScriptManager instead of ScriptManager if using AJAX Control Toolkit. It has the ability to combine Toolkit scripts together to reduce number of request.

o       Use release mode in production for ToolkitScriptManager to get already compact AJAX Control Toolkit script files.

o       Combine custom java script and CSS files into one file.

o       Cache CSS and Java Script in the browser.

o       Compact Java Script and CSS to reduce size.

-         Images

o       Cache Images in browser.

-         Cache

o       Cache data and page output. (Note: cache is not a distributed cache and will not work in a Web farm. Consider using memcached and memcached providers.)


Thyth said...

Are you kidding? How can moving viewstate to the bottom improve the response time?

fahadaz said...

"So to make web page more search engine friendly and to make page render faster we may wish to move this __VIEWSTATE to the bottom of the page."