Sunday, October 5, 2008

Memcached 1.2.6 for Windows

Memcached 1.2.6 for Windows can be downloaded from the following link

It has quite a few bugs and crash fixes.


Rasika Sampath said...

Hi Fahad,
First of all thank you so much for sharing memcached with ASP.Net community. I was researching on Memcached with ASP.Net past few days. I wanted to check its performance and the results worried me little bit. I used following code.
DateTime dtStartMemCache = DateTime.Now;
for (int i = 0; i <= 100000; i++)
{ DistCache.Add("K"+i, "aa");
DateTime dtEndMemCache = DateTime.Now;
double MemCacheInsert = dtEndMemCache.Subtract(dtStartMemCache).TotalSeconds;

It took near 12 seconds to insert to memcahced when it is running in the local machine. When the memcached is running in a remote server (inside the local network), it took near 50 seconds.
It will be great help if you can share your thoughts on this.

many thanks,

fahadaz said...

Hi Rasika,
If we calcualte the time it took to
add one item to local memcached it about 0.12 milli second and 0.5 milli second for
network operation.Thats very good.

Second its a unrealistic test. If you need to store 100000 item in cache may be converting them into and array and then just storing them at once if they are related.

Memcached is a distributed cache and unlike cache, it is not running in process so overhead of network transfer has to taken into account. So for caching strategies please refer to the following link

- Fahad

Rasika Sampath said...

Hi Fahad,

Thanks a lot for your response. I agree with you that the test is unrealistic.

Thanks again,